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Louis H. Pollak, 7 December 1922-8 May 2012: Biographical Sketches
Louis H. Pollak, 7 December 1922-8 May 2012: Biographical Sketches
Our Price: $15.00

Biographical sketches of Judge Pollak by Anthony J. Scirica, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge for the Third Circuit; Stephen B. Burbank, David Berger Professor for the Administration of Justice at the University of Pennsylvania Law School; Guido Calabresi, Former Dean and Sterling Professor of Law Emeritus at Yale Law School, and Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; Stewart Dalzell, U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; Michael A. Fitta, President, Tulane University, and Former Dean and Bernard G. Segal Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School; Alfred W. Putnam, Jr., Partner, Drinker Biddle & Reath; and Catherine Struve, Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Also includes “Lou Pollak: The Road to Brown v. Board of Education and Beyond,” by law librarians Leanna Lee Whitman and Michael Hayes.
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Biographical Memoirs of Members of The American Philosophical Society (APS): Physicians: Volume I, Elected 1787-1935
Biographical Memoirs of Members of The American Philosophical Society (APS): Physicians: Volume I, Elected 1787-1935
Our Price: $20.00

The distinguished physicians featured in this volume were all members of the American Philosphical Society (APS), the oldest learned society in America. The biographical memoirs, selected from the archives of the Society, present a panorama in the evolution of medicine during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries and the personalities behind them. The memoirs were selected and edited by APS members Clyde F. Barker, President, APS, Former John Rhea Burton Professor and Chairman, Donald Guthrie Professor, Dept. of Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; and Thomas E. Starzl, Professor of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Each memoir includes a portrait of the physician. more info
Universal Bach: Lectures Celebrating the Tercentenary of Bach’s Birthday
Universal Bach: Lectures Celebrating the Tercentenary of Bach’s Birthday
Our Price: $25.00

Martin A. Heckscher (fr). This volume is a fitting commemorative of the Basically Bach Festival’s celebration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. The Festival was organized by a small committee in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia in 1976. Contents: Musical & Numerical Symbolism in the Large Choral Works: Bach’s Secret Code, by Michael Korn; The Articulation of Genre in Bach’s Instrumental Music, by Laurence Dreyfus; Bach the Cantor, the Capellmeister, & the Musical Scholar: Aspects of the “B-Minor Mass,” by Christoph Wolff; On Bach’s Universality, by Robert L. Marshall; & Bach as Biblical Interpreter, by Richard L. Jeske. Illustrations. more info
Rising People: The Founding of the United States, 1765 to 1789
Rising People: The Founding of the United States, 1765 to 1789
Our Price: $40.00

Whitfield J. Bell, Jr. (au); Julian P. Boyd (in). Catalogue of a joint exhibition to celebrate the Amer. Bicentennial, held in Philadelphia from April 28 through Nov. 1976, with materials from the collections of the Amer. Philosophical Soc. (APS), The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, & The Library Company of Philadelphia. The catalogue, like the exhibit itself, is addressed to Amer. citizens who wish both to know more about the formation of the Amer. nation in the years from 1765 to 1789 & to see the very books & documents in which the men of that generation recorded their thoughts, decisions, & acts. The catalogue therefore excludes bibliographical data; but it contains commentaries on the significance of individual entries. Profusely illustrated. more info
Benjamin Franklin on The Art of Eating
Benjamin Franklin on The Art of Eating: Together with the Rules of Health & Long Life & the Rules to Find out a Fit Measure of Meat & Drink, with Several Recipes
Our Price: $10.00

by: Benjamin Franklin (au); Gilbert Chinard (au); Patrick Spero (in) The accidental discovery in the Franklin Papers of a set of cooking recipes & the many allusions to food scattered through Ben Franklin’s various works & letters have led to an inquiry the results of which may throw some new light on a little studied aspect of the Sage of Philadelphia. This concise book, a special edition of the 1958 original, contains an essay on “Benjamin Franklin On the Art of Eating” by Gilbert Chinard; a collection of Franklin’s “Rules [for Eating] & Recipes Illustrations. A great keepsake at a great price! more info
Continuations of the Old French Perceval
Continuations of the Old French “Perceval” of Chrétien de Troyes: Volume I: The First Continuation: Redaction of Manuscript “T V D” (corrected edition)
Our Price: $35.00

Between 1949 and 1983, William Roach produced the sole modern ed. of the First, Second, and Manessier Continuations of the Old French Perceval of Chrétien de Troyes, based on all the manuscripts. Most vol. are out of print, but the popularity of King Arthur and the Grail legend keeps interest in the subject high. Vol. I, containing the Mixed Redaction of the First Continuatio—where Gauvain in the principal character—is once again avail. This new ed., entirely re-set, incorporates all of the corrections indicated by Roach. The extensive introduction has been brought up to date. There are many new notes to the text, and a complete bibliography. A subject index to the notes provides easy access to the wealth of grammatical and linguistic analysis they contain. more info
One Grand Pursuit
“One Grand Pursuit”: A Brief History of the American Philosophical Society’s First 250 Years, 1743-1993
Our Price: $20.00

Edward C. Carter II began this project to create a souvenir for the Am. Philosophical Soc. (APS) 250th Anniversary Celebration in 1993 by expanding the 7-page “Brief History” which occationally appears in the APS “Year Book.” But when he began to review published sources on the history of the APS, he realized that he had to do much more. The APS is the oldest learned soc. in the U.S. & one of the most prestigious orgs. of its kind in the world. The story of the APS & those men & women members who have helped promote useful knowledge throughout the years is an extraordinary story. The general observations on these achievements here are intended to serve as an introduction to this account of the APS. Now mid-way through its third century, its form & flavor remarkably little changed, the APS is engaged in promoting useful knowledge, as it has always been. Illus. more info
1814 Printed Map of Lewis and Clark
1814 Printed Map of Lewis and Clark’s Track Across the Western Portion of North Amer. From the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean: From the Original Drawing of William Clark
Our Price: $75.00

The principal objective of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery 1804-06 was the mapping of the West to the Pacific Ocean.  Clark’s final cartographic achievement was his 1814 engraved map. One of the great maps of all times, it is perhaps the single most influential one of the Amer. West, for it was upon this map that our modern understanding of the topography of that vast areas would evolve. The first pub. of the Lewis and Clark journals was Nicholas Biddle’s 1814 2-vol. chronological narrative containing the map. In 1998 there was another "run" of the map produced by means of offset lithography. Size: 2-1/2' long x 14". Tan. One thousand regular copies were printed, with Black plus 1 PMS ink for duotone. more info
Practical Geometry in the High Middle Ages
Practical Geometry in the High Middle Ages: “Artis cuiuslibet consummatio” and the “Pratike de geometrie”: Edited with Translation and Commentary
Our Price: $40.00

Contents: (I) The Place of Practical Geometry in the Middle Ages: The Nature of Practical Geometry; Practical Geometry in Education; Theory & Practice in Geometry; & Practical Geometry & Practical Concerns; (II) The Contents of “Artis cuiuslibet consummatio” & the “Pratike de geometrie”; (III) Procedures in the Editions, Translations, & Commentary: Editing “Artis cuiuslibet consummatio”; Editing the “Pratike de geometrie”; Translating the Texts; & About the commentary; & (IV) English translation of “Arts cuiuslibet consummatio” & of the “Pratike de geometrie.” Selected Bibliography, Index of Latin Technical Terms, Index of Old French Technical Terms, & Index of Astronomical Parameters. Illus. more info
Bottled Energy
Bottled Energy: Electrical Engineering and the Evolution of Chemical Energy Storage
Our Price: $45.00

The storage battery may seem to be little more than the device which starts a car, but during the hundred years of its commercial existence, it has filled many different roles. These roles have changed with the years, the technology of the storage battery adapting itself to these changes. This book is a study of the evolution & the interaction between changes in the needs for batteries & the response of battery designers to these needs. The chapters separate the different environmental periods of the storage battery. Since the standard lead-acid battery has comprised the vast bulk of all rechargeable battery manufacture, the first four chapters deal solely with it. The last chapter is devoted to nickel-iron & nickel-cadmium batteries, which comprise almost all of the market not covered by lead-acid batteries. Illus. more info
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