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1814 Printed Map of Lewis and Clark
1814 Printed Map of Lewis and Clark’s Track Across the Western Portion of North Amer. From the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean: From the Original Drawing of William Clark
Our Price: $75.00

The principal objective of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery 1804-06 was the mapping of the West to the Pacific Ocean.  Clark’s final cartographic achievement was his 1814 engraved map. One of the great maps of all times, it is perhaps the single most influential one of the Amer. West, for it was upon this map that our modern understanding of the topography of that vast areas would evolve. The first pub. of the Lewis and Clark journals was Nicholas Biddle’s 1814 2-vol. chronological narrative containing the map. In 1998 there was another "run" of the map produced by means of offset lithography. Size: 2-1/2' long x 14". Tan. One thousand regular copies were printed, with Black plus 1 PMS ink for duotone. more info
Meriwether: A Novel of Meriwether Lewis and the Le
Meriwether: A Novel of Meriwether Lewis and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Our Price: $26.00

Meriwether, a young man of genius and drive, is determined to make one of the great marches in the history of the world -- to chart the 2,000 miles of wilderness from the Mississippi to the Pacific. But Pres. Jefferson has other plans for young Meriwether Lewis. In 1800, Jefferson calls upon Lewis to be his secretary. Freed at last, in 1804 Lewis calls upon his friend William Clark to set out on the cross-continental trek that will give them towering stature among explorers and assure that the young nation will have its shores washed by opposite oceans. It is a dangerous expedition, but at last they reach Oregon. But, the man who made the impossible possible has touched the heights of his life and now steps toward his darkling future. more info
Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Biographi
Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Biographical Roster of the Fifty-One Members and a Composite Diary of Their Activities from All Known Sources
Our Price: $17.00

Lewis and Clarke (L&C) did not embark on their trek across the continent alone -- dozens of men and eventually one woman accompanied them. The men who were instrumental to the success of the L&C expedition come to life here. A biographical roster and a diary of the expedition highlights the roles and actions of the expedition’s members. The book affords readers glimpses of those who have long stood in the shadows of L&C. Disagreements and achievements, ailments and addictions, and colorful personalities and daily tasks are all vividly rendered in these pages. The result is an unforgettable portrait of the corps of diverse characters who undertook a remarkable journey across the western half of the continent 200 years ago. Illustrations. more info
Hugh McNeal was stationed at Ft. Massac on the Ohi
Bold Journey: West With Lewis and Clark: A Novel
Our Price: $14.00

Hugh McNeal was stationed at Ft. Massac on the Ohio River, when he heard of the expedition in search of a NW passage to the Pacific. “We’ll go where no white man has gone before,” the captain said. “We need men who know the rivers, who can shoot rapids, who can sail.” Hugh was 18 & ready to trade the boredom of the fort for the excitement of this wilderness. The westward journey into unknown territory was filled with danger, & for Hugh there was the surprising intro. to the Native Amer. Priv. McNeal’s name is listed among the members of the Lewis & Clark exped., but little else is known about him. Bohner has imagined the part he might have played in that journey & has created a fast-paced novel that captures the spirit of a heroic episode in Amer. history. more info
As Far as the Eye Can Reach: Lewis & Clark’s Westward Quest
As Far as the Eye Can Reach: Lewis & Clark’s Westward Quest
Our Price: $15.00

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (au). In 1803, a pristine wilderness stretched across Norht Amer., from the newly purchased Louisiana Territory to the Pacific Ocean. At Pres. Jefferson’s request, Capt. Lewis & Clark & their Corps of Discovery set out to explore this area with several goals in mind: to collect specimens of unusual plants & animals, to map the unfamiliar frontier, to find a northwest passage, & to establish good relationships with the Native Amer. who inhabited the area. By the time the corps returned years later, everyone believed the men were dead, fallen victims to a rough country. But Lewis, Clark, & the Corps of Discovery had survived, overcoming terrible obstacles, & with their long journey, they staked a claim to the West for their new country. Illustrations. more info
York’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark: The Africa
York’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark: The African-American’s Part in the Great Expedition
Our Price: $15.00

Did you know that an African-American man participated in Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition? Working alongside free men, William Clark’s slave York played an important role in the journey’s success. This award-winning book draws on extensive research to give a gripping and insightful account of York’s significant contribution to this landmark historical event. “Kirkus Reviews” gives the book a starred review: “Full of maps, sketches, portraits, and other archival materials . . . one of the best new works on the subject.” “Your shelves may be bulging with Lewis and Clark expedition books . . . but make room for this one.” for outstanding nonfiction for children. Winner of the Orbis Pictus Award for outstanding non-fiction for children. 100+ illus. more info
Lewis & Clark: A Photographic Journey
Lewis & Clark: A Photographic Journey
Our Price: $18.00

Bill Moeller (au & ph); Jan Moeller (au & ph). Join Lewis & Clark’s early 19th-century Corps of Discovery as they navigate the lengths of the Missouri & Columbia Rivers in this unforgettable photo documentary. Along with their vibrant color photographs, Bill & Jan Moeller add carefully researched text & quotes from the journals of William Clark & Meriwether Lewis to create a fascinating look at the uncharted West. Feel the “secret pleasure” described by Lewis as you find yourself surrounded by the mountains & mighty waters of the West just as the explorers saw it. The captions on the photographs are the present-day names of the places shown. The Moellers are professional photographers & authors who travel full-time in their RV to photograph historical sites around the U.S. more info
Bear attacks! Hypothermia! Malaria! Rejoin Lewis &
Lewis and Clark: Doctors in the Wilderness
Our Price: $19.00

Bear attacks! Hypothermia! Malaria! Rejoin Lewis & Clark (L&C) in this vivid account of the dangers, emergencies, & med. practices encountered during their historic expedition of 1803 to 1806! Examines early 19th-cent. med. standards & techniques. Explores the various med. dilemmas the expedition encountered, incl. malnutrition & disease epidemics. Discusses the exchange of health care for food & horses that occurred between L&C & Native Americans. Examines the preparations made for the journey, the med. advice received, & the medications & med. supplies that were taken. Describes in nontechnical language the state of med. knowledge in 1800 & helps us to understand how the  expedition succeeded with so few med. disasters. Map. more info
Explores the legacy of Lewis & Clark’s (L&C) journ
Lewis and Clark: Legacies, Memories, and New Perspectives
Our Price: $22.00

Explores the legacy of Lewis & Clark’s (L&C) journey & considers its impact on Amer. culture. Approaching their subject from many perspectives -- lit., history, women’s stud., law, med., & environ. history -- the authors chart shifting attitudes about the explorers & their journals, creating a detailed picture of the “interdisciplinary intrigue” that has long surrounded L&C’s accomplishment. This collection is remarkable for its fresh treatment of L&C as icons of Amer. history; its insights into ongoing debates over the relationships between settler culture & aboriginal peoples, law & land tenure, & manifest destiny & westward expansion; & its invest. of the character of Sacagawea, the expedition’s vision of nature, & the interpretation & preservation of the L&C Trail. Illus. more info
Exploring Lewis & Clark: Reflections on Men & Wilderness
Exploring Lewis & Clark: Reflections on Men & Wilderness
Our Price: $24.00

Thomas P. Slaughter (au). Lewis & Clark led our nation’s first transcontinental exploration expedition in 1803. This vol. looks beyond the perspectives of the explorers themselves to those of the woman & the men who accompanied them, as well as of the Indians who met them along the way. He portrays Lewis & Clark not as heroes but as men -- brave, bound by cultural prejudices & hell-bent on achieving their goal. He searches for the woman Sacajawea rather than the icon that she has become. He seeks the historical rather than the legendary York, Clark’s slave. He discovers what the various tribes made of the expedition, incl. the notion that this multiracial, multi-ethnic group was embarked on a search for spiritual meaning. An important work of investigative history! Illustrations. more info
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