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Irish on the Inside: In Search of the Soul of Irish America
Irish on the Inside: In Search of the Soul of Irish America
Our Price: $15.00

Tom Hayden (au). For generations, Irish Americans -- like many other Americans -- have embraced an assimilation process that requires a forgetfulness of ethnic roots & a misleading Anglicized version of the ongoing conflict in Ireland. Hayden was one of those assimilated ones, learning nothing of his Irish heritage until he was forced to confront his identity in 1968. This is a story of how assimilation can go too far, & why. It is a story of recovering invisible roots in order to become fuller, more grounded human beings. Hayden writes about the tormented province of Northern Ireland with sympathy & clarity, & takes the American political & journalistic establishment to task for its pro-British bias. He forces us to rethink what being Irish is all about. more info
Talking Irish: The Oral History of Notre Dame Football
Talking Irish: The Oral History of Notre Dame Football
Our Price: $13.00

Steve Delsohn (au). An entertaining fusion of fact, legend, & lore, Notre Dame football has transcended the boundaries of the sport & the university to become a time-honored American tradition. This book vividly captures it all: the exhilarating wins, the stunning defeats, the tumultuous coaching changes, & the celebrated mystique that surrounds this beloved football dynasty. With never-before-told anecdotes, this candid & revealing oral history -- the first ever written on fighting Irish football -- is told in the words of more than 150 Notre Dame players, coaches, leading sports journalists, & school faculty. This rousing narrative begins in the 1940s, a decade after the death of the fabled Knute Rockne, & concludes at the end of the 20th century. B&W photos. more info
Examines the colorful & rich history of Boston Iri
Boston Irish: A Political History
Our Price: $30.00

Examines the colorful & rich history of Boston Irish politics from colonial days to the present. Puritan Boston shaped a distinctive ethnic community that in turn influenced the traditions & institutions of the city. Irish political dominance in Boston grew out of generations of bitter conflict between Irish Catholic immigrants & Yankees, a homogeneous, long-estab. Anglo-Saxon population hostile toward the Irish & all things Roman Catholic. Charts the course of the Irish’s growing political influence in Boston against the background of this clash between different cultures. Offers  insights into the unique experience of the Boston Irish community & provides a lively portrait of the men & women who made their way through the long & tortuous maze of Boston politics. Illus. more info
Feasting Galore
Feasting Galore Irish Style: Recipes & Food Lore from the Emerald Isle
Our Price: $15.00

Maura Laverty (au); Robert Briscoe (fr). Beckons readers through the door of the traditional Irish kitchen. Each of the 11 chapters begins with an engaging anecdote that puts the food into its context -- whether it is prepared to celebrate an occasion, to welcome guests, or even to seduce! With simple ingredients & easy-to-follow instructions, these recipes will help the home chef create a rich, plentiful Irish feast. Among the 200 recipes are classics like Irish Stew & Mince Pie, which Oliver Cromwell unsuccessfully attempted to ban because of its then-religious shape. Also, Christmas Pudding, & traditional Halloween delicacies, Boxty, Barmbrack, & Colcannon, which contain paper-wrapped charms. Beverages include homemade wines, liqueurs, & the perfect recipe for famed Gaelic Coffee. more info
An account of the resurgence of the Irish in the U
New Irish Americans
Our Price: $16.00

An account of the resurgence of the Irish in the U.S. since 1980, describing: the history of Irish immigration to America; the latest wave of immigrants from Ireland & their huge influence on American life; how the new Irish have handled popular stereotypes; current issues such as Northern Ireland & the peace process; the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Great Famine in Ireland; & the problems that lie ahead for the Irish in the U.S., including new immigration laws & the future of the relationship between Irish-born & American-born “Irish.” O’Hanlon, who now lives in the U.S., is a native of Dublin, Ireland. “A lively, incisive rendering of the latest &, until now, least understood chapter in the transatlantic history of the Irish.” Illus. more info
Why Irish Immigrants Came to America: Coming to Am
Why Irish Immigrants Came to America: Coming to America
Our Price: $17.00

This book, for reading level ages 9-12, describes the economic and social conditions which motivated poor Irish people to emigrate to America. Contents: Ireland and England; The Great Hunger; Coming to America; A New Life; Glossary; Resources; Index/Word Count. A book in the “Reading Power” series designed for readers who want straightforward vocabulary, engaging topics, and a manageable reading experience. Full-color illustrations. more info
Long ago there lived a giant called Cuhullin. My,
Mrs. McCool and the Giant Cuhullin: An Irish Tale
Our Price: $17.00

Long ago there lived a giant called Cuhullin. My, but he was big & fierce & strong. And what made him so strong? He had a magic finger. And believe it or not, all his strength was in that little finger. Now, Cuhullin had fought all the other giants & squashed them flat. Well, all but one, & that was Finn McCool. But Finn doesn’t want to fight. Finn is scared. When he sucks his magic thumb, Finn can see Cuhullin coming to get him. So he runs straight home to his wife, Oona. Oona isn’t scared, not one bit. She just laughs . . . . Will Cuhullin find Finn McCool & squash him flat? Or will Oona save the day? more info
Irish, Scottish, & Border Melodies for Flatpicking Guitar (includes a CD)
Irish, Scottish, & Border Melodies for Flatpicking Guitar (includes a CD)
Our Price: $18.00

Bill Brennan (au). These melodies originated from Ireland, Scotland & the Scottish/English Border counties of Northumberland, Durham & Cumbria. The tunes are all traditional & would normally be played for dancing; the lead instruments would probably be fiddle & accordion with perhaps a flute or whistle. The guitar would play a supportive role. However, these arrangements are intended for guitar solo (hence the lack of chord symbols) & are intended for playing at folk clubs, festivals, etc. They were intended for playing with a flatpick, although a thumb-&-index finger style is used by some players. A CD with 28 melodies accompanies the arrangements. more info
Danny Boy: The Legend of the Beloved Irish Ballad
Danny Boy: The Legend of the Beloved Irish Ballad
Our Price: $19.00

Malachy McCourt (au). Everyone can hum “Danny Boy,” the haunting Irish ballad that inevitably brings a tear to the eye. Yet for all its popularity, the most requested “Irish” song & its origins still remain an enigma. Is it even Irish? Did the song initially grace the Irish countryside as the winsome ballad of an itinerant piper, or did it first take form as a blind musician’s bow danced across the strings of a fiddle? Travel with best-selling author Malachy McCourt on his journey for the truth as he interviews musicologists, historians, academics, celebrities, & Irish icons. Join the expedition & trace the complex evolution & enduring mystique of “Danny Boy” in an unforgettable tribute that brilliantly weaves history with folklore. more info
Irish, The: We Came to North America
Irish, The: We Came to North America
Our Price: $19.00

Greg Nickles (au). Each immigrant group of people that has arrived in North America has contributed something special. Bringing with them a proud heritage & a unique culture, people learned to adapt their traditional ways to suit their new country. This book tells the story of the Irish who came to the New World. First-hand accounts, maps, photographs & full-color illustrations bring their story vividly to life. Contents: Introduction; A Long History; The First Irish Immigrants; The Great Famine; Eyewitness to History: Elihu Barrit, Mrs. John Donnelly, & Roaldus Richmond; The Journey; First Impressions; Where Irish Settled; Anti-Irish Prejudice; Religion & its Traditions; Music, Dance, & Literature; & Here to Stay. Glossary. Juvenile audiences. Library binding. more info
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