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Petroglyphs of the Northern Ute Indian Reservation
Petroglyphs of the Northern Ute Indian Reservation as Interpreted by Clifford Duncan (American Philosophical Society Transactions 105 Part 5)
People must be educated about the rock art. That’s how it will be protected. —Clifford Duncan

Clifford Duncan, a Northern Ute elder, believed in educating the public to know and understand the meaning of Ute petroglyphs. By doing this, he believed it would help to preserve and protect them. Over the course of eight years, Clifford and the author visited and revisited all of these sites, discussing what they might represent. Clifford’s father was an Uncompahgre Ute and wanted Clifford to know the traditional homelands of the Uncompahgres in western Colorado. Clifford made special trips all through the Uncompahgre Plateau (by car, on foot, and on horseback), seeking out any Ute petroglyphs and cultural sites. Later in his life, he and the author visited many of the petroglyphs on the Uintah–Ouray Reservation, along Hill Creek and Willow Creek. These petroglyphs were authored by the Uncompahgre and White River Utes.

The interpretations of the petroglyphs of western Colorado and the Uintah– Ouray Reservation are supplemented with cultural and political history to provide a background context to Clifford’s interpretations. In addition, ethnographic information from other scholars provides readers with a deep appreciation as to what makes Ute petroglyphs so unique and fascinating.

Anthropologist Carol Patterson was Adjunct Professor for Colorado Mesa University and Metropolitan State University, Colorado. She is principal investigator for Urraca Archaeology, Montrose, Colorado. Recent publications include Shavano Valley Petroglyph Guide (2015) and “Concepts of Spirt in Rock Art According to Clifford Duncan, Ute Spiritual Elder,” in Sacred Landscapes, One World Archaeology Series (2014). Dr. Patterson’s earlier publications include Petroglyphs and Pueblo Myths of the Rio Grande and On the Trail of Spiderwoman, Pictographs and Petroglyphs of the Southwest (1997).

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Rothschilds and the Gold Rush
Rothschilds and the Gold Rush: Benjamin Davidson and Heinrich Schliemann in California, 1851-52: Transactions, APS (Vol. 105, Part 4)
In this extraordinary monograph, Constable chronicles the month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter cash transactions and other business between the Rothschild ownership and their agents in Sacramento, Benjamin Davidson and Heinrich Schliemann. Presents a case study embracing both the macroeconomics of the California Gold Rush vis-a-vis international finance, and the microeconomics of the day-to-day issues of credit, cash exchange, wealth transference, insurance, and risk between 1851 and 1852. These kinds of records have disappeared in California, given the flooding and fire that destroyed Sacramento and San Francisco during this time. This rare treasure trove was found on the European side of the exchange. Illus.

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Review of the Splendid Perches, Callanthias
Review of the Splendid Perches, Callanthias (Percoidei: Callanthiidae) APS Transaction (Vol. 105 #3
The family Callanthiidae contains two genera, Callanthias (with seven
species) and Grammatonotus (with six nominal species). Authors William
D. Anderson, Jr., G. David Johnson, and Carole C. Baldwin provide
characters that distinguish callanthiids from other percoids and that
distinguish Callanthias from Grammatonotus, descriptions of Callanthias
and its seven species, a key to the species of Callanthias, and comments
on other aspects of the biology of the species of the genus. The
authors’ initial interest in the splendid perches emanated not from
their spectacular coloration but from specific features of their
morphology and their bearing on possible relationships to other
perciform fishes. Color illustrations.

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Late Cretaceous Dinosaur & Reptile Assemblage from South Carolina, USA
Late Cretaceous Dinosaur & Reptile Assemblage from South Carolina, USA: Transactions, APS (Vol. 105, Part 2)
Describes a new assemblage of Late Cretaceous dinosaur and reptile remains from Campanian and Maastrichtian deposits of eastern South Carolina (SC). Six of the 14 localities include new occurrences of theropod and hadrosaur dinosaurs, substantially increasing the known localities in the eastern U.S. that have produced dinosaur remains. The important but seldom-mentioned role that SC played in the early history of studies of North Amer. Cretaceous deposits and faunas is outlined, and the stratigraphic settings of 14 localities are analyzed. Of the 6 localities where dinosaur bones were found, two yielded the majority -- Stokes Quarry, Darlington County, in the mid-Campanian Coachman Formation; and the late Campanian Donoho Creek Formation at Kingstree, Williamsburg County. Illus.

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Against Time: Letters from Nazi Germany, 1938-1939
Against Time: Letters from Nazi Germany, 1938-1939 (Transactions 105, Part 1)
Johannes Höber left Nazi Germany for America in November 1938. His wife Elfriede was unable to leave for another year, after the outbreak of World War II. Fifty years later, their son discovered the letters this brilliant couple exchanged during the tumultuous months they were separated. Against Time: Letters from Nazi Germany, 1938-1939 collects those letters with an introduction, notes and an epilogue that set the letters in the context of their time. Together, the letters portray the intense relationship of a fascinating couple in a critical period in world history.

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Transmitting a Text Through Three Languages: The Future History of Galen's Peri Anomalou Dyskrasias: Transactions  Vol. 104, Part 5
Transmitting a Text Through Three Languages: The Future History of Galen's Peri Anomalou Dyskrasias: Transactions Vol. 104, Part 5
In the 12th and 13th centuries, Western Europe became possessed of Latin versions of most of the works of Greco-Arabic Science & philosophy. These included works originally written in Greek & subsequently translated into Arabic, as well as works in Arabic by Christian, Muslin, and Jewish scholars. The new material helped create the new univ. of the 13th century and transformed the foundations of medieval thought. This study focuses on a short text by Galen, Peri anomalou dyskrasis, whose Greek text has recently been edited. Contents: (1) The Arabic translation from Greek by Hunayn ibn Ishaq (d. 873); The Latin Translation from Arabic by Gerard of Cremona (d. 1187); The Hebrew Translation from Latin by David b. Abraham Caslari (d. c. 1315); (2) The Texts: The Arabic Text; The Arabic-English Translation; The Latin Text; The Hebrew Text; (3) Glossaries: Arabic-Latin-Hebrew; Latin; Hebrew.

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Quaker’s Tour of the Colonial Northeast and Canada
Quaker’s Tour of the Colonial Northeast and Canada: The 1773 Travel Journals of Jabez Maud Fisher of Philadelphia: Transactions, APS (Vol. 104, Part 4)

A study of the travel journals of Philadelphia Quaker Jabez Maud Fisher, this book brings to light an important but largely unknown text from the Revolutionary era. Fisher traveled to upstate New York, through parts of Canada, then New England, in the late Spring through early Fall of 1773. He provides rare observations of pre-Revolutionary times, and his commentary is illuminating and colorful.

Jack Campisi and William Starna are scholars and author of Native American studies. Recent publications by Jack Campisi include Mashpee Indians: Tribe on Trial and The Oneida Indian Experience: Two Perspectives; recent William Starna publications include A Description of New Netherland (The Iroquoians and Their World) and Mohawk Frontier: The Dutch Community of Schenectady, New York, 1661-1710.

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Illustrated Imprints of Isaiah Thomas
Illustrated Imprints of Isaiah Thomas: Transactions, APS (Vol. 104, Part 2)
Isaiah Thomas was a leading eighteenth-century patriot, printer, publisher, and bookseller in the tradition of Benjamin Franklin. Founder of the American Antiquarian Society, he donated his library and newspaper files to the Society’s archive. Barbara Lacey offers a representative sampling of the illustrated publications of the Massachusetts printer to show the great variety of eighteenth-century American imprints that used images to enhance or modify the meaning of the text. She bridges the gap between several scholarly fields, including art history, literary criticism, the study of visual culture, and the history of the book. Illustrations are not judged exclusively on their artistic merit; they are analyzed for what they say about early American values, ideas, attitudes, and assumptions.
This volume will be of interest to students of early American history and art, to American Studies scholars, and to general readers interested in early book publication and illustration.

Barbara E. Lacey graduated with honors in history at Smith College, and received a master’s degree in history at the University of Connecticut and a doctorate at Clark University. She has published articles in The New England Quarterly, The William and Mary Quarterly, The Journal of Social History, and other scholarly journals. Dr. Lacey held an American Antiquarian Society–National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. She has presented papers on imagery in early American publications at conferences in France, the Netherlands, Ireland, England, and Spain, as well as the United States and Canada. Publications include The World of Hannah Heaton (Northern Illinois University Press, 2003) and From Sacred to Secular: Visual Images in Early American Publications (University of Delaware Press, 2007). Now professor emerita of history, she taught a variety of American history courses at Saint Joseph’s College in West Hartford for more than twenty years, utilizing both written sources and visual imagery.

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Out of Nazi Germany in Time, a Gift to American Science
Out of Nazi Germany in Time, a Gift to American Science: Gerhard Schmidt, Biochemist: Transactions, APS (Vol. 104, Part 1)
When Adolf Hitler became Germany’s Reich chancellor in 1933, Dr. Gerhard Schmidt knew his world was crashing around him. A highly cultured assimilated Jew, he studied medicine, trained in biochemistry, and attained a faculty position at the Univ. of Frankfurt. Two months after Hitler’s rise, Dr. Schmidt lost his position, his father, and his country. He began a 7-year odyssey, with short-term research fellowships in Italy, Sweden, Canada, and the U.S. He was recruited to the Tufts Univ. School of Medicine in 1940. Dr. Schmidt remained at Tufts for the rest of his career, and was elected to the U.S. National Acad. of Sciences in 1973. He considered his post-Germany successes in science and family a victory over Nazism. Photos.

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Pathways into the Study of Ancient Sciences
Pathways into the Study of Ancient Sciences: Selected Essays by David Pingree: Transactions, APS (Vol. 104, Part 3)
The selected essays included in this volume offer a sampling of the incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise of David Edwin Pingree (1933-2005), Brown University Professor of the History of Mathematics and Classics and esteemed member of the American Philosophical Society. His contributions to the history of science are immeasurable, and his many works will continue to aid researchers in scholars in future years. As Isabelle Pingree and John Steele mention in the preface, David Pingree defined science as “a systematic explanation of perceived or imaginary phenomena”: “This broad view of science includes astronomy, mathematics, and other sciences with which we are familiar today as well as those subjects deemed nonscientific by today’s standards, such as astrology and magic....[Pingree] repeatedly demonstrated that not only were each of these subjects worthy of study in their own right, but that in the Ancient and Medieval periods these fields were closely interconnected.” Illus.

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